Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Marblesared Build 2017/10/31 - All Hallow's Eve edition

Marblesared Splash image blog link

Hey Players,
Here is the All-Hallows Eve edition 31/10/2017 build of "Marblesared" (Marbles Are Red) for PC and Android.

I can give the link or Steam Key for the full game to beta testers or reviewers on request,
or to Patreon Patrons.
Otherwise it is available on Steam, itch.io, Facebook Gameroom for USD2.99.
Free Demo version with 6x4 levels x skills rather than 33x4 also available.

Link to Marbleared blog page

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Marblesared Early Release on Steam for Windows - 20171005

Marblesared Splash image blog link

Hey Players,
Marblesared has been [Early] Released on Steam today for the Windows PC platform!
Marblesared Steam

No game updates per se,
Steam's early release is the same as the 20170920 version I announced ...  on 20th Sep :-)

If anyone wants a Steam key for the PC version, lemme know, you deserve it for being beta testers.

You don't need a Steam key for the Android platform, it is still sitting in free beta mode for now in Google Play.

One day soon I hope to have a MacOSX build (which I can add to Steam) & iOS build
- but with OSX 10.13 High Sierra released on 25th Sep & 10.13.1 beta bug fixes already out to devs,
and iOS11 upgrades being pushed out to iDevices as we speak, with numerous battery power drain issues noted,
the question of build stability is up in the air.
Thanks to Microsoft libraries for IL2CPP & UWP SDK not liking Unity3D at present,

Microsoft Win10 / Universal Windows Platform (UWP) builds & MS App Store remain a pipe dream, even tho normal windows 32bit builds work just fine on windows 10.

You've Played Hard - you can give Rolling Balls a well earned rest for now :-)